We are a nonprofit organization that promotes, practices and teaches motorcycle safety and awareness. We provide many different things to our membership throughout the year; entertainment and community service projects along with numerous rides and runs all over our fine state of Arkansas.

ABATE Districts:

ABATE District 1

Location: Little Rock
President: David Johnson 501-519-7749
Vice President: Pete Waddell 501-681-7369
Secretary: Mike Howard 501-847-3823
Treasurer: Beverly Waddell 501-681-7369

ABATE District 2

Location: Jonesboro
President: Eric Turman 870-243-6300
Vice President: John Johnson 870-930-6640
Secretary: Lyn Davis
Treasurer: Becky Wilson 870-930-7013

ABATE District 4

Location: Fayetteville
President: Ed Jackson 479-381-1929
Vice President: Don Saintignon 479-444-7157
Secretary: Tina Redman 479-444-7157
Treasurer: Stacy Hegna 479-466-9103

ABATE District 7

Location: Harrison
President: Rick Vermuelen 870-754-7859
Vice President: Kathy Fulkerson 870-577-4470
Secretary: Penne Estes 870-437-2446
Treasurer: Penne Estes 870-437-2446

ABATE District 13

Location: Jacksonville
President: Bobby Sherron 501-681-5464
Vice President: Frank Blevins 501-909-2400
Secretary: Eve Blevins 501-317-5002
Treasurer: Charles Keathley 501-580-2179

ABATE District 14

Location: Hot Springs
President: Charles Bailey 501-622-7540
Vice President: Jeff Dickson 501-815-4915
Secretary: Rosa Bailey 501-627-5903
Treasurer: Rosa Bailey 501-627-5903

ABATE District 16

Location: Mountain Home
President: Pat McLean 870-421-0454
Vice President: Gary Grimm 870-453-8204
Secretary: Laura Frasco 870-701-3326
Treasurer: Steve Rogers 870-492-6958

ABATE District 18

Location: Southeast
President: Jeff Loveless 870-460-5164
Vice President: Keith Stewart 870-723-2364
Secretary: Paulette Mitchell 870-853-5725
Treasurer: Karon Loveless 870-376-8202

ABATE District 19

Location: Searcy
President: Chuck Vaughn 501-207-3093
Vice President: Keith Barnett 501-593-5310
Secretary: Steve Lewis 501-729-3824
Treasurer: Bryn Chalcroft 214-502-2105

ABATE District 20

Location: Pine Bluff~Sheridan
President: Randy Hutcheson 870-879-4386
Vice President: Danny Wood 870-917-9294
Secretary: Ann Harris 216-906-5490
Treasurer: Melissa Ault 501-628-8167